Actors' Equity Developmental Workshops, Labs & Readings

A Broadway or Off-Broadway bound show will often go through a series of developmental readings or workshops before it is ready for a commercial production. 

These developmental rehearsals can be a cost-effective way to hear the material out loud and solicit feedback from an invited audience. Many shows, especially large musicals, will have multiple developmental workshops over the course of a few years until the authors and producers feel that the show is ready.

The presentations at the end of these workshops can also be a useful opportunity to invite potential backers and investors so that they can hear the script and songs brought to life by professional actors. 

Actors' Equity has four different developmental rehearsal agreements that producers can use depending on the needs of the show. Our handy infographic below breaks down some of the key components of each developmental contract.

The above infographic covers the basic terms of each agreement, but producers should consult with a theatrical general manager to help select the most suitable one and to review the pros and cons of each in greater detail.